The address field.


DescriptionStandard US Address with Street, City, State and Zip. Also comes with support for Google map.
JSON Schema Type(s)any
Field Typeaddress
Base Field Typeobject


defaultanyThe default value to be assigned for this property. If the data for the field is empty or not provided, this default value will be plugged in for you. Specify a default value when you want to pre-populate the field's value ahead of time.
dependenciesarrayList of property dependencies.
descriptionstringDetailed description of the property.
disallowarrayList of disallowed values for the property.
formatstringData format of the property.
maxPropertiesnumberThe maximum number of properties that this object is allowed to have
minPropertiesnumberThe minimum number of properties that this object is required to have
propertiesobjectList of child properties.
readonlybooleanIndicates that the field is read-only. A read-only field cannot have it's value changed. Read-only fields render in a grayed-out or disabled control. If the field is rendered using a view with the displayReadonly attribute set to false, the read-only field will not appear.
requiredbooleanIndicates whether the field's value is required. If set to true, the field must take on a valid value and cannnot be left empty or unassigned.
titlestringShort description of the property.
typestringanyData type of the property.


collapsiblebooleanField set is collapsible if true.
fieldsobjectList of options for child fields.
validateAddressbooleantrueEnable address validation if true

Example 1

This example shows an address field that utilizes the Google Maps API to allow the end user to modify an address and view it on a map.

Example 2

Address field rendered in display-only mode.

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